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Hi, I think that not everybody knows about developing WMI and ADSI scripts using HTML. VBScripts are great for system administrators how want to automate most of their admin tasks. However, we as systems administrators rather delegate some of our work to our staff. (as much as possible ;-)). But since not everybody knows about coding VBScripts we also have to code/execute, administrate/modify all this scripts. This work can become very time-consuming without to mention tedious.

So, Microsoft has provided the possibility to embed all this VBScript code on HTML in HTA files. It could be directly on HTML but for security reasons it’s better to user the HTA extension.

Here you can see an example of an HTA application that could execute several scripts. This could get even better because you can initialize variables directly from HTML using regular input boxes. That way you can send the script to anyone (non technical person) and instead of modifying the code (so that it would adjust to his environment) that person would only have to enter some information on the HTML input boxes. Like, domains, AD groups, users, OUs, anything… imagination is the only limit ; -)

For a full-sized version of this picture, click here

I’m not going to get into much detail… I just want to provide some resources and I think this information could be very useful. The Microsoft HTA Developers Center has great tutorials and also very cool samples.

Also this links could be helpful;

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