I'm originally from Costa Rica, but currently living, working, and playing in beautiful Gold Coast, Australia where I also pwn on many programming technologies.

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I graduated from business administration and also an MBA on Finance. Currently I’m seeking a Masters degree in C.S from Bond University.

People always ask me: “Why if you are so involve in technology, you didn’t went straight to the computer science degree?”

My passion for technology was what motivated me to learn programming on my own. I understand I would learn from a bachelor in computer science, but not enough as I would like. Plus, I’ve been certifying, self tutoring and working on my own in technical matters…

Now, away from the obligatory question.

One of my main interests for the past few years, however, has been the art of programming I have recently spent a majority of my time studying design patterns, good programming style and practices, working with teams and so on. I am a believer in unit testing and the MVC pattern (where it is appropriate), and I believe in open source software I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today if it wasn’t for the generosity of open source programmers.

I’m not as boring as programming may seem to some of you. I’m also into guitar, food, art, sports (mostly Surf and MMA fighting), travel, creating, designing and a huge passion for technology


Due to my interest on many different topics and always breaking my head with new project, sometimes I encounter problems finding the correct answer that applies to whatever I’m working on. Therefore, the idea of this blog would be to keep track of all this things I like, and if I could help someone or someone could help me :p would be great… I will try to throw out a bunch of links and info about things I am interested that will tell you more about me than I ever could.

If you wish to contact me, you can fill out the form, or send me an email to jpablobr-at-jpablobr [dot] com or xjpablobrx-at-gmail [dot] com.

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